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Knowing What to Expect During Inpatient Drug Detox

Knowing what to expect during inpatient drug detox can help take any anxiety out of the initial process of detoxification. Due to popular presentations of detox in the media, many drug dependent individuals erroneously expect drug detox to be a constantly harrowing experience, wrought with unendurable symptoms of withdrawal in stark, whitewashed facilities. In actuality, drug detox represents the healing of the body–in a return to health managed by medical professionals and counselors to assure a comfortable return to soundness of body and mind.

What to Expect During Inpatient Drug Detox

Below you’ll find an overview of the drug detox process, so that you can better know what to expect during the inpatient drug detox process. While the drug detox process can be a frightening experience to weather alone, detoxing in a professional rehab facility can be a peaceful and encouraging process, as you watch your body recover strength and renewal each day.

  • Diagnostic Drug Testing
    Many people wonder why drug testing is performed at professional detox facilities. Drug testing and physical diagnostic testing is often performed at the outset of the drug detox process–largely to ensure targeted and safe detoxification. Because polydrug users may not be able to accurately recount the drugs in their systems, drug tests are necessary so that withdrawal symptoms and medical concerns can be adequately addressed. Physical diagnostic testing helps pinpoint chemical imbalances that have occurred as a result of drug use, and to identify areas of the body that may need nutritional or medical intervention.
  • Managed Withdrawal Symptoms
    Contrary to popular belief, most withdrawal symptoms can be alleviated or managed during drug detox. Fluids will often be administered to treat dehydration, and pain management techniques–and in some cases, non-addictive medication–can be provided to treat any aches or muscle problems. Nutritional supplements can help alleviate many of the withdrawal symptoms from drug detox–and in most cases, the worst of the withdrawal symptoms resolve within a week or even a few days.
  • Addiction Counseling Services
    For any mental health issues such as depression or anxiety that arise during the drug withdrawal process, drug addiction counselors can provide peace of mind. Guests are given explanations of their progress in the detoxification process, so they can both know what to expect and understand their body’s repair process.
  • Increased Mental Clarity
    As the drug detox process continues, guests will find insomnia alleviating, allowing for increased clarity of thought. Guests also experience increasing mental clarity as cravings dissipate, eliminating the irrational drive to use drugs. Short-term memory problems tend to improve, and both concrete and abstract thinking skills will begin to heal.
  • Strength of Body
    One of the most wonderful side effects of the drug detoxification process at an inpatient drug facility is that the body begins to repair itself within the first day of abstinence. Headaches, cravings, and muscle or bone pains subside, circulation improves, blood pressure stabilizes, and the body rehydrates. Skin begins to regain a naturally healthy glow, breathing capacity increases, and sleep becomes more restful and rejuvenating.



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