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Characteristics of Successful Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Alcohol rehab may indeed be the first step in recovery from alcoholism–but sadly, for many, it isn’t the last. Relapse remains a core concern for many who seek successful alcoholism treatment, with as many as 9 out of 10 alcohol dependent individuals experiencing at least one episode of relapse in the five years after treatment. Seeking out a successful alcohol recovery solution that provides individualized assessment and personalized treatment can make a difference in establishing relapse-free recovery.

Characteristics of Successful Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

Here are just a few of the characteristics that successful alcohol recovery solutions will share.
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  • Individualized Counseling Sessions
    While many alcohol recovery programs offer counseling services, most occur in a group setting instead of individualized counseling sessions. Unfortunately, many traumatic incidents, deep-seated feelings and aspects of our journey through alcoholism are too personal to safely share among strangers. Individualized and intensive counseling sessions have been shown to increase success rates during rehab.
  • Nutritional and Diagnostic Tests
    One of the most important parts of successful detox is the presence of nutritional and diagnostic testing. Because alcoholism can be affected by–and affect–individual brain chemistry and personal health, diagnostic tests should be performed at the outset of the rehab experience.
  • Holistic Approach
    Many alcohol recovery solutions suffer from narrow focus and “one size fits all” treatment. Successful alcohol recovery solutions will treat all aspects of your life and well-being, including spiritual, mental health, fitness and exercise.
  • Belief in an Alcoholism Recovery
    Any alcohol recovery solution that does not believe in full recovery from alcoholism simply will not achieve it. Seek out an alcohol recovery solution dedicated to finding your personal causes of alcoholism and treating them–and willing to provide encouragement and vision for you along the way.
  • Experienced After Care Planning
    One of the major pitfalls of alcohol treatment programs is a lack of well-thought-out, personalized after care planning. Relapse occurs after treatment–commonly in old, familiar environments, schedules, relationships and lifestyles. Addiction specialists who can help you assess your current living situation, support network, mental and physical health practitioners, hobbies and relationships can best position you with experienced after care planning that can make a difference in establishing a relapse-free future.
  • Compelling Success Rates
    Enrolling in alcohol recovery solutions without solid success rates amounts to gambling with your health and well-being, at best. Seek out an alcohol recovery solution that can provide testimonials of past, recovered clients, and provide current success rates with former clients.




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